How to find a good afro hair stylist?

While you may be currently scrolling through the internet looking for a hair stylist that is right for you here are some key things you need to look out for whilst looking for a good afro hair specialist. Remember, not all hair stylists can deal with your hair but not necessarily are you looking for a hair stylist with the same or similar hair texture as you. Trying to find the right person can be a daunting task and low and behold like anything in life you may have to have a couple of bad experiences before you find “the one”.

1. Get a consultation

Most hair salons offer free consultations to all new clients. Consultation is the number one step in finding the right hair stylist as it allows you to understand what look you would like to achieve with your hair and most importantly if you can even achieve the desired look you are after. This is your time to interview your future stylist, it is important that you book a consultation with the stylist you would like to see at your next appointment. There is no use having a 15-20 minute consultation with the senior stylist at a salon then booking with another member of staff who has to re-consult you on a look they may or may not know how to achieve. The truth is… different hair stylists sell different looks so do your research on your hairstylist before you sit in his or her chair.

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Things to bring to your consultation:

  1. Pictures – Bring any pictures of hairstyles you like, it is important to at people with similar shaped faces to yours so that the look can be easily recreated.
  2. Your hair- you may think this is self-explanatory, however, coming to a consultation with extensions in your hair can deter the stylist from giving you a thorough and in-depth consultation.
  3. Questions and concerns- this is key during your consultation. you need to make sure that you bring a list of questions about your hair that you need professional advice about.
  4. Tell them what you love about your hair, this is an important point as it tells your stylist what you, in fact, like and want to keep about your hair.
  5. Tell them what you don’t like about your hair so that they are more inclined to make changes geared towards a style that you would like.

Ask to see a portfolio

We are living in a world full of social media and images all around us. If you go to see a hair stylist you should have spent time looking through their social media page to see their work. A good hair stylist should have a social media page which is up to date, showing versatile looks that you may be looking for. So, if you would like a Bob or a shortcut you should be looking on their page and looking for these styles. There is no use going to a hair stylist for a curly diva cut when they specialize in short relaxed pixie cut hairstyles when the reality of it is they may not be experienced in working with your texture. Sometimes you may find a hairstylist who is an all-rounder however, this stylist is usually hard to find and remember not all hair stylists are bad but not all hair stylists are for you.

What does your hair stylists hair look like?

This factor can be key in finding a good hair stylists, now honestly not every hard working hairstylist has the time to make sure their hair looks glamorous and perfect every day, on the other hand, you should not ever sit in a stylists chair who has damaged hair with split, fried hair hanging from their head that they refuse to cut off because in reality their hair and advice will reflect onto your hair. A lot of hair stylists styling and beliefs are reflected in their natural hair. So keep your eyes peeled for the signs.



Using heat styling can be detrimental to the health of curly hair. Growing up as a curly-haired girl as a millennial, in a generation where curly hair products were not as easy to come by limiting the versatility in styling my hair with heat freestyles. Commonly, this resulted in washing and blow drying my hair weekly to keep my hair manageable, however, this resulted in dry and damaged hair that refused to curl. Now, on a healthier path to curly hair, I used low manipulation hairstyles to preserve my curly hair and only straighten my hair once a year as a treat to myself because what is the point of having hair you cannot enjoy.

On days where I use low manipulation hairstyles, I prefer to use different strategies to keep my hair looking moisturized and full of body such as with curl formers. Here’s a tutorial on a curly heat freestyle that I absolutely love.

A passionate activist who aspires to quake our thoughts, giving us a little inspiration to speak about controversial topics such as race, gender and inequalities globally. Having worked with such an amazing individual full of creativity and ideas you can browse through our collaboration.

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Here are 3 steps to getting a salon-smooth silk press at home.

Surely if you have found your way onto this post you must be on a healthy natural hair journey. Likewise, times may get tough… or you may just want to switch it up a little? Well here is all the information you will need to Have healthy natural hair with zero Heat damage.

Now heres some facts before we get into the step by steps of what to do and what not to do. People frequently ask what is the difference between a silk press and a regular press and the truth is (drumroll please)… nothing! Nothing is different at all about a silk press and a normal press; heat is heat and as long as it is used in moderation you could enjoy wearing your natural hair in its pressed state occasssionally. It is advised to only use heat nomore than once a month depending on your hair texture.

Step 1:

Make sure you prepare your hair for the press. It is essential that you clarify your hair with a good shampoo before doing a press.  You should also do a good moisture treatment after shampooing your hair.

Step 2:

Make sure you put all your products in whilst your hair is damp. This is a key step in ensuring you do not get heat damage. A lot of heat damage is retained when using too many heavy products, before straightening stick to a light leave-in conditioner mixed with a small amount of serum, then use any type of heat protectant to blowdry.

Step 3:

DO NOT PUT ANY MORE PRODUCT! All your products should have been used in Step 2. Now your hair is blowdried with a Pick attachment and followed up with a paddle brush to smooth you can go ahead and start to press the hair. Use a high heat with a maximum of 2 passes per section to ensure the press will last. A common mistake people do is use a lower heat setting and more passes rather than using a higher setting once.

Step 4:

Style as desired. You are all set to go.


Pixie cuts of curls on white wall
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Am I a photographer, editor, hair stylist or an artist? I am all of the above. Ever since a small child, I have craved showing my creative side. Although I am academically book smart, I love to showcase myself through different versions of Art.

Is Hairdressing an Art form?

Yes. Being a hair stylist allows you to show your creativity through your client’s hair. A woman or man’s hair shows us a lot about their own characteristics and persona. You have to make sure you give the right haircut to the right person.

How do I broadcast all my creative skills?

When being a creative person, you need to acknowledge what you are good at. For example, I am a hair stylist, I like to create videos to showcase my work therefore I edit. Editing was a basic skill I acquired in school, I then went onto to study different software to ensure my skills could be exercised. When exercising my editing skills I realised my filming skills could improve so then came the degree. Media and Communications, this degree has allowed me to gain more skills to encourage my different streams of media. Photography, this was an area I lacked. In order to broadcast what you do you need to be able to take an amazing photograph so I took a photography course. You may be thinking how is this relevant to how do I broadcast all of my creative skills? but, this is how. You improve all of the rest of your skills so that you can improve in all other aspects of your creativity.

Release your hair from stress, dryness and brittleness with Avlon’s Texture Release.

If you have found yourself reading this, you are probably frustrated with your hair. Like myself when envisioning my healthy hair growth journey I saw a plain sailing ride to beautiful long hair. But, boy… was I wrong. Texture release is a product similar to a keratin treatment using amino- acids to moisturize and soften your hairs tresses. My initial expectation of texture release was much like any other straightening system, as a hair stylist myself, I have seen a multitude of products coming out claiming to temporarily straighten hair whilst maintaining natural curls. In training with some of Avlons leading


In training with some of Avlons leading stylists, I was amazed! Finally, a product that could combat any hair type allowing versatility with hair styling. So, of course, I had to try it out myself. So, I went ahead and booked in with my preferred trusted stylist and had the treatment done to my own hair. Now, If you have been following my journey you will know that I have a very loose curl pattern I have been able to wear my hair straight once a month and then wear it curly for the remainder of the time. My hair had grown fuller and healthier. When my hair is styled you would never believe it is natural! So, my recommendation for texture release is going for it! I have done it on ladies with type 4 hair all the way to type 3. I shall be updating with more pictures


of ladies with different textures using texture release soon. However, if you have similar hair to mine have a look and see what your results can be like.