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There is a first time for everything. Here is the very first bride I have ever done all on my own. It was a half up, half down boufont look with hand made padding (made by me of course). This elegant look was achieved on silk pressed curly hair, some bobby pins and some very discrete clip in extensions. the hair was then garnished with a diamond tiara.

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Naturally Immaculate Hair shoot 2016. Photographer Alim Karmali, Model Tiffany Gunn, Hair Stylist Florence Ssentongo aka Naturally Immaculate

I have a desire to create art through imagery. In school I always loved to draw and paint, however, I knew that my parents would never approve if I decided to become an artist! They haven’t quite come to terms with me being a Hair Stylist… now let’s not mention the film degree (lol). But from a young age, I knew that I was bursting with creativity and I knew that one day I would be able to share it with the world.

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Naturally Immaculate Hair Shoot 2016. Photographer Alim Karmali, Stylist Florence Ssentongo AKA Naturally Immaculate

Trees are symbolic of life. A tree has many roots we do not see that allow it to absorb water and flourish! Hair has a similar method of growth. The only difference is hair is dead and trees are alive!

Watch some footage from the day!

Naturally Immaculate Hair shoot!