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3 steps to Silk Press: No Heat Damage

Here are 3 steps to getting a salon-smooth silk press at home.

Surely if you have found your way onto this post you must be on a healthy natural hair journey. Likewise, times may get tough… or you may just want to switch it up a little? Well here is all the information you will need to Have healthy natural hair with zero Heat damage.

Now heres some facts before we get into the step by steps of what to do and what not to do. People frequently ask what is the difference between a silk press and a regular press and the truth is (drumroll please)… nothing! Nothing is different at all about a silk press and a normal press; heat is heat and as long as it is used in moderation you could enjoy wearing your natural hair in its pressed state occasssionally. It is advised to only use heat nomore than once a month depending on your hair texture.

Step 1:

Make sure you prepare your hair for the press. It is essential that you clarify your hair with a good shampoo before doing a press.  You should also do a good moisture treatment after shampooing your hair.

Step 2:

Make sure you put all your products in whilst your hair is damp. This is a key step in ensuring you do not get heat damage. A lot of heat damage is retained when using too many heavy products, before straightening stick to a light leave-in conditioner mixed with a small amount of serum, then use any type of heat protectant to blowdry.

Step 3:

DO NOT PUT ANY MORE PRODUCT! All your products should have been used in Step 2. Now your hair is blowdried with a Pick attachment and followed up with a paddle brush to smooth you can go ahead and start to press the hair. Use a high heat with a maximum of 2 passes per section to ensure the press will last. A common mistake people do is use a lower heat setting and more passes rather than using a higher setting once.

Step 4:

Style as desired. You are all set to go.


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