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Why using low heat styles on naturally curly hair can add benefits #HeatFreeWithNI

Using heat styling can be detrimental to the health of curly hair. Growing up as a curly-haired girl as a millennial, in a generation where curly hair products were not as easy to come by limiting the versatility in styling my hair with heat freestyles. Commonly, this resulted in washing and blow drying my hair weekly to keep my hair manageable, however, this resulted in dry and damaged hair that refused to curl. Now, on a healthier path to curly hair, I used low manipulation hairstyles to preserve my curly hair and only straighten my hair once a year as a treat to myself because what is the point of having hair you cannot enjoy.

On days where I use low manipulation hairstyles, I prefer to use different strategies to keep my hair looking moisturized and full of body such as with curl formers. Here’s a tutorial on a curly heat freestyle that I absolutely love.

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