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Avlon’s Texture Release

Release your hair from stress, dryness and brittleness with Avlon’s Texture Release.

If you have found yourself reading this, you are probably frustrated with your hair. Like myself when envisioning my healthy hair growth journey I saw a plain sailing ride to beautiful long hair. But, boy… was I wrong. Texture release is a product similar to a keratin treatment using amino- acids to moisturize and soften your hairs tresses. My initial expectation of texture release was much like any other straightening system, as a hair stylist myself, I have seen a multitude of products coming out claiming to temporarily straighten hair whilst maintaining natural curls. In training with some of Avlons leading


In training with some of Avlons leading stylists, I was amazed! Finally, a product that could combat any hair type allowing versatility with hair styling. So, of course, I had to try it out myself. So, I went ahead and booked in with my preferred trusted stylist and had the treatment done to my own hair. Now, If you have been following my journey you will know that I have a very loose curl pattern I have been able to wear my hair straight once a month and then wear it curly for the remainder of the time. My hair had grown fuller and healthier. When my hair is styled you would never believe it is natural! So, my recommendation for texture release is going for it! I have done it on ladies with type 4 hair all the way to type 3. I shall be updating with more pictures


of ladies with different textures using texture release soon. However, if you have similar hair to mine have a look and see what your results can be like.

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