Naturally Immaculate Photoshoot

AK-38 (1)
Naturally Immaculate Hair shoot 2016. Photographer Alim Karmali, Model Tiffany Gunn, Hair Stylist Florence Ssentongo aka Naturally Immaculate

I have a desire to create art through imagery. In school I always loved to draw and paint, however, I knew that my parents would never approve if I decided to become an artist! They haven’t quite come to terms with me being a Hair Stylist… now let’s not mention the film degree (lol). But from a young age, I knew that I was bursting with creativity and I knew that one day I would be able to share it with the world.

AK-16 (1).jpg
Naturally Immaculate Hair Shoot 2016. Photographer Alim Karmali, Stylist Florence Ssentongo AKA Naturally Immaculate

Trees are symbolic of life. A tree has many roots we do not see that allow it to absorb water and flourish! Hair has a similar method of growth. The only difference is hair is dead and trees are alive!

Watch some footage from the day!

Naturally Immaculate Hair shoot!

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